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About Us

We, CLC-Executive Service, have been transporting passengers safely, discretely and in a timely manner for more than ten years. Our great customer base from the commercial and political sectors proves the success and sustainability of our approach to smart passenger transport, including all the comforts associated with a driver's service for our clients.

Our drivers meet with all statutory requirements and regulations for commercial passenger transportation. We regularly conduct security and health check-ups, as well as trainings and advanced trainings. This serves to make guarantee that you are driven to your destination safely by ensuring that our drivers have fast reaction and a high level of current knowledge.

It is hardly necessary to emphasize that our cars are visually and technically perfect, or that their interiors are always clean and neat. These facts are taken as a matter of course to make sure that your drive will be a comfortable one.

Our drivers speak English. If you would like to request another foreign language, please inform us when discussing the order / requesting an offer.

Let us prove to you that our services are just want you are looking for.

We are looking forward to meeting you and organising your trip just the way you like it.

Yours, Roland Müller